Everything starts with you and the ones you care about

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The new social network in Augmented Reality

At Wecapser we take your social experience to the next level!

Augmented Reality is magic!

Wecapser is an AR social network based on dynamic points of interests in real-time.

Introducing the dual profile

This is a secured personal dual profile for you, one for private and secured modes and one for public modes.

A brand new sharing system

Keep track of everything you like and interact with your contacts within the same way you do in real life.

Share with trust!

Share your best recommendations with the ones you trust ! Your family, best friends, and colleagues,...

Cloud based and secured

Wecapser uses a different encryption key for every connection making your cloud even more secured.

Enjoy your privacy

Unlike the other social networks, we will not sell or trade your data. Instead give us your feedback & suggestions.

What are Caps?

Caps are geotagged virtualized containers in 3D, visible through the smartphone screen in augmented reality – updated in real-time and generated by Wecapser. Caps are a private and secured cloud based way of sharing multimedia content in real-time.

  • Reliable, private, secure and clean
  • Truly innovative and fun new way of sharing information
  • Share multimedia and share recommendations with ease
  • Flexible and easy to use

Everything starts with a we

Wecapser is an app using Augmented Reality to allow users to communicate through Caps. We have many features within Wecapser, but there is one key feature that they all share: Caps.
For the first time an app uses geotagged, temporalized and virtualized containers in 3D, visible in real-life on your smartphone screen to share data.
Caps are the new fun way of sharing real-time private multimedia data, recommendations, places, moments and points of interests with the people you really trust and care about.
So bring your family and friends in and create or join groups to share Caps filled with Content that you can share with confidence because it's coming from people you know, from people you trust. Of course you can also create public groups and share content with strangers who will maybe one day become friends!

Your privacy really matters, and our relationship too!

At Wecapser we take your privacy very seriously and we would love to hear from you!

Cloud based security

We work with Microsoft Azure to provide you the most advanced and secured technology available for your Wecapser cloud. Azure offers the strongest cryptography system including the TLS/SSL cipher suites.

We protect your privacy

At Wecapser we take your privacy seriously! We give you two profiles by default: One detailed for private and secured Groups or Caps, used to share with people you know and you care about (family, friends…). And one for public modes only displaying your username and picture allowing you to share with people you don’t know yet.

Feedback and suggestions

Contrary to other social networks, we will not sell or trade your data. Our only aim is to provide the best customer service possible. So instead of collecting information we ask you all your feedback and suggestions. Our goal is to build the best social network for you and your community! Some call it nonsense - we call it respect of your privacy.

Press Release

Wecapser launches augmented reality social network.

Paris, France. 4th of June 2015 – Today, Wecapser announced the release of its mobile social networking App.

Using Augmented Reality (AR), Wecapser lets users create and share multimedia content through virtual geolocated containers called caps. Caps are anchored to a specific location helping Wecapser to concentrate all the memory of the place where the caps have been created.
Jérôme Boisson, Co-founder and CTO said, “Caps are a new private, secure and fun way of sharing multimedia, recommendations, moments and points of interests. Caps can also be public, and thus viewed and shared with every user of the app.
"And Wecapser is a clean social network!” he adds. “Our users' privacy really matters, so we won't sell any personal informations, pictures, etc... Your data are yours and yours only”.
“We are confident about our business model and our growth potential.” Says George Vessière, Co-founder and CEO. “Our B2C and B2B platform will be released in Q4 2015. According to a 2014 report from Juniper Research, annual revenues from mobile AR services and applications has already generated more than $1 billion.”

Why Wecapser?

Wecapser was created because we believe that our lives are all about places, emotions and moments, and we felt that there was room for a social network built around those values.
“Imagine parents in 2025 with their 10 years old daughter passing by the hospital where she was born. They decide to re-open the caps which contain the memories of her first moments. Imagine their joy and happiness as they go through that caps again.” Says George Vessière. ”Some moments and places are life changing events and some are not, but Wecapser has been created to keep track of all of them, the public and the private ones.”

Pricing and Availability

Device Requirements: Optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6/6 Plus / requires iOS 7.0 or later / 36.2 MB
Wecapser is free and available worldwide through the App Store : https://itunes.apple.com/app/id982976924

About us

Wecapser, is a Paris based company founded in 2014 by George Vessière, Jérôme Boisson and Laurent Meudec. We are specialized in Augmented Reality and Mobile applications. We aim to build the best social networking experience for our community! All Material and Software © Copyright 2015 Wecapser. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

For more information on Wecapser, visit www.wecapser.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wecapser
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wecapser

Press contacts

The PDF press kit is available to download here.
Related media are available here.
For further information on Wecapser contact us at: press@wecapser.com
Your opinion truly matters so please, feel free to leave us all your feedback and suggestions at: suggestions@wecapser.com

George Vessière, Co-founder and CEO / george.vessiere@wecapser.com
Jerome Boisson, Co-founder and CTO / jerome.boisson@wecapser.com
Laurent Meudec, Co-founder and CFO / laurent.meudec@wecapser.com

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